Your Life and the Super bowl

Whether you are a Patriots fan or not ( no worries I still love YA! ) there are many similarities to our lives and the biggest day in football.

Think about all the moving parts that have to be in sync in order for a team to perform optimally and win a game with authority like the Patriots did against the Colts on Sunday.  Individually, they all had to work hard for countless years and hours to make a professional football team. But then to take all of those individuals and get them to perform like poetry in motion requires a supremely skilled coach.

One of the greatest coaches is right here in our backyard.  Coach Belichick is all about business, no excuses, just do your job and get it done.  And they practice,practice, practice, practice.  They are prepared for any and every situation.AFC Championship - Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots

But here’s the interesting part -you already have the greatestcoach and it is you.
You have a coach that runs every play in the body 24/7.  It is always on the job. It only asks that you keep all lines of communication open so it can run all the plays flawlessly and that you treat it with the utmost respect.   Your nervous system is your secret weapon- your coach.

Chiropractic works by detecting areas of the spine that are not allowing the nerves to do their job optimally.  We call that a subluxation.  That is what chiropractors treat.   We are able to do this naturally and drug- free.  You may be experiencing daily headaches, restricted ranges of motion in your neck and back, back pain, numbness and tingling down your arms or legs.  All of these could be indicators that you have a subluxation in your spine.  You were not meant to live in chronic pain. Your body is trying to get your attention.

So as you have a weekend off of football( I know, it is going to seem so strange to not watch a game ! ) use this time to reflect on what you can do for your own Super Bowl called Your Life.

It could be making your first appointment to have your spine checked, asking for help creating new healthy habits or asking for help to get rid of unhealthy habits.

Whatever it may be, start today.  Don’t procrastinate.  The only day you have is today.

Enjoy the game!