Why do Senior Citizens Need and use Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is extremely important for everyone but even more so for older adults that are going through major changes in their body and in their spine. Our health goals can change as we age. Simple tasks such as walking, playing with grandchildren, gardening,and playing golf can be compromised when there are issues in the spine. Restoring mobility through gentle, specific adjustments can be the difference between being sedentary and being active.

Through the use of our chiropractic care, we use techniques that helps reduce spinal pain, decrease spinal stress and improve mobility and flexibility which leads to minimized degeneration. My senior citizen patients report overall health improvements and much less symptomatic chronic conditions. I am a Medicare provider and also accept secondary insurances thus reducing the cost of the out of pocket portion to my patients.

It’s never too late for a tune-up! It shouldn’t hurt to age just like it shouldn’t hurt to grow. Don’t settle for less and think living in pain is the answer. Chiropractic could be just what the doctor in you ordered!