The Art of Receiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to bring light to the art of receiving. In order to experience giving, someone has to receive. It sounds so simple. However, it can be a challenge for a lot of people. How many times have we declined a thoughtful gesture and said “oh no, thank you” or worse put our hand up while saying this. For many people, they enjoy giving and are not comfortable receiving whether that is being treated at a restaurant by a friend, a gift, a compliment , a hand doing something.  By not allowing yourself to receive , you deny someone the joy of giving. I learned this the hard way like most lessons! One of my best friends called me selfish for not allowing her to treat at lunch after I had treated the time before. Selfish? Me? I had never been called selfish. Then she explained and asked me “what makes you think I don’t want to treat once in awhile?” By refusing to let people do anything for you, you shut them out without trying.


I had always felt more comfortable in the giving side of things. And this was a wake up call that I had not mastered the art of receiving.


So I challenge all of you – to learn the art of receiving. To say thank you, I appreciate that, that was so thoughtful of you, thank you for thinking of me.


Happy Giving and Receiving!