Super Bowl Champions!

It ain’t over til it’s over! This 2015 Super Bowl game with our Patriots vs the Seahawks was a great reminder to play the game right to the end.  There were many moments when it looked like the game could go either way.  In classic Belichick style, he coached the team right to the very last play.  No celebrating earlier. No assuming they had the win until the final whistle.   And what a nail biter of a win! Who could have predicted that an undrafted rookie for the Patriots would be making such a monumental interception with 24 seconds left to the end of the game ! If the interception hadn’t occurred the Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksSeahawks would have scored a touchdown and won.   An amazing turn of events right to the last seconds of the game.

Just recently I had a new patient start chiropractic care with me and she had literally tried everything before she made it to my office.  She had been in a serious car accident in 2012. She had been following her  doctor’s orders with physical therapy,massage therapy,  pain meds, muscle relaxers, and cortisone injections without any relief.   Her story reminded me of my mother’s story and how I became interested in chiropractic.   The only thing she hadn’t tried was chiropractic. I give her a lot of credit for not giving up on her body and starting a form of treatment on her own.
I went over her x-rays and did a complete report of findings. She could see why she had been suffering with back pain, leg pain, neck pain and headaches since was in her accident.  There was no mystery as the cause of her problems.  She had areas in her neck and low back which were out of alignment irritating the nerve in that area.   She understands that this will be a process and is excited to see changes.

If she had not taken this last step with chiropractic care, most likely nothing would have changed.

If someone hasn’t tried chiropractic, they haven’t tried everything yet.
This could be what turns the game for them.

You could be the catalyst that they need to make a change.

Remember, you can make a difference.