North Andover Chiropractor

Dr. Deborah fudge is happy to provide the residents and community within North Andover Massachusetts with her chiropractic services. Located just a few miles north in Methuen, I have treated many North Andover residents.  A close proximity and proven results continues to be the reason that I am expanding my presence in this town.

Chiropractic is the act of treating vertebral subluxations of the spine to help relieve an array of pains. Some of the more popular ones include headaches, back pain, whiplash, ear infections & much more.

The reasons people need these services are far and wide as I treat infants up to senior citizens. Check out which group you fall into, here. Whether you get hurt on the sports fields during a high school game or are receiving back pain from old age, I am here for you.

People go years trying to find medication to relieve their bodily pain. Chiropractic is a drug-free and 100% natural approach that can solve your problem.

If you live in North Andover and would like to learn more I would be more then happy to speak with you. Give me a call at 978-686-7791 and ask for Dr. Deborah Fudge!