Mission Statement

Dr. Deb Fudge’s mission is to see families as part of their health care team while serving Methuen, Lawrence, Andover, MA & Salem Atkinson NH.

Personal Statement ( theme is love & peace & starfish)

“I pledge my life to bring love & peace everywhere I go and to make a difference to one new person every day.”

Practice Statement

The purpose of the team at Fudge Chiropractic is to provide the highest quality care in a loving and peaceful environment as together we optimize health from the InsideOut.

My “why”

I do what I do because chiropractic care changed my Mom’s life when I was 19. She suffered for 4 years with back pain and sciatica due to a serious car accident. Her quality of life was not good and it effected the whole family. Chiropractic care was the one thing that turned her health around and gave her hope. I don’t think anyone should suffer like that. I believe that providing the best care possible the body will heal from the InsideOut and thus make a positive difference in the quality of their life.