Love & Peace

As I prepare my weekly blog, it allows me to sit, reflect, and tap in to what message I want to deliver.  With Valentine’s Day approaching it really got me thinking about love and peace.  Two very simple, one syllable words that bring the highest vibration to all of us. Without it, life can feel empty and chaotic.  This is why I have decided to become an ambassador for love and peace.

My personal life statement is “I pledge my life to bring love & peace everywhere I go and to make a difference to one new person every day.”

I encourage all of you to start with loving yourself first. It is no one else’s responsibility to make us happy. In order to give love you must have love to give. Know in your heart that you are here for a purpose.  Think about that. A purpose. Life is not meant to be taken lightly or for granted.  You make a difference.  Find out how you can bring your light daily and do it.  It becomes contagious!

Life will most definitely throw you curveballs and we all know that timing is everything.
If you are wondering when you will meet the person of your dreams then pay attention.
YOU decide what YOU are looking for first.  Write down every quality that is important to you in a relationship.  And then be ready because you may be looking right at them and didn’t even know it. How do I know ? Because it happened to me!

Stop by for my infinity love ❤️and peace ✌️cards. They are my Valentine’s gift to you!