Lawrence, MA Chiropractor

I am happy to provide my chiropractic services to the community and residents of Lawrence, MA. My office in Methuen borders Lawrence and I am directly across from the Methuen YMCA at Perrault Chiropractic Office. A quick three mile drive stands between my office and Lawrence’s new development; Riverwalk Properties(Everyone should check it out). The Development is located in between North Andover & Lawrence, MA and includes properties such as Salvatore’s Restaurant, New England Neurological, Enterprise bank, Suffolk University North Campus and much more.

I am a Mass Health, Tufts Health Plan- Network Health, Neighborhood Health, Boston Medical Center HealthNet Provider. You do not need a referral but do need to request me personally when you call for your first visit.  Remember your benefits do not roll over – you either use them or lose them.

Chiropractic is a life changing experience for people and for that reason I have dedicated my life to helping one new person a day. It is a 100% drug-free and natural route to optimizing your health.

If you live in Lawrence or any surrounding town and would like to learn more, feel free like me on FaceBook at Dr.Deborah Fudge, check out my blog on my website or give me a call at 978-686-7791!