Who uses Chiropractic?

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Who Uses Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is for all ages – from infants to 100+. Similar to dentistry helping anyone with teeth, chiropractic care is for anyone with a spine!  We are starting to see more families with young children having their children’s spine checked by a back doctor in Methuen, MA on a regular basis. Parents are looking for a drug- free and natural approach to their family’s health. It is becoming the norm to see many generations in one family, as the concept of optimizing health from the inside, out is passed on or upwards to the many generations. People that see a Chiropractor in Salem, NH and throughout the world, take less medications and are healthier. The largest categories and groups of people that I work with includes:

Each group of people may need chiropractic services for a variety of different reasons. Subluxations can be caused by trauma, toxins,  and thoughts. Another way to look at it is Accidents, chemicals, and stress. These are all good reasons to find a trusted back doctor in Methuen, MA . For more information about scheduling an appointment with Dr. Deb Fudge, experienced Chiropractor in Methuen, MA , contact us today.