Custom Functional Orthotics

Your feet are your foundation. If there are issues with asymmetry of your feet, fallen arches, excessive pronation or supination it can throw off the alignment of your knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Just like a faulty foundation in a home can give you problems with the roof, the same goes for your feet alignment. I have a state of the art 3D laser scanner to find out the exact status of your feet. You will be able to see the images in color on the laptop screen and get a printed report. If you choose to I can send your results to the company to build a custom orthotic based on your results. This takes all the guess work out of finding the right fit for you! Call my office 978-686-7791 to set up a complimentary scan. This scanner is also portable and I am able to bring this to your company’s wellness initiative programs.