Chiropractic has Always Been Drug Free

Chiropractic over PillsChiropractic has always been a drug free, natural approach to health care.  It is a safe and effective pain management treatment for many conditions such as back and neck pain. Chiropractic care often avoids the need for drugs, hospitalization, and surgery. We are proud of the fact we have earned the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Last night I attended the Senate forum at Salvatore’s Function Hall in Lawrence, Ma.
The issue of the opiate epidemic was a major concern for the over 300 constituents there.

When patients are being treated for their problem, not just their symptoms of pain, they are on the road to better health.  Conversely, if their treatment is only to kill the pain, the story is not so pretty.  People looking for medical advice for their problem are not looking to become addicts.  The drugs have been legally prescribed as the only course of “treatment” for their condition.  The solution is not to simply kill the pain. The solution is to find the problem and fix it. If an automotive mechanic told you to turn up the volume of your radio to drown the noise your engine was making you would most definitely question that advice

My experience with people that have started off with this ” kill the pain only ” approach is after a few months of being on the prescribed opiates, the doctor will no longer prescribe the drug. But by this point, getting OFF the prescription drugs causes such nasty withdrawals that the patient is struggling getting off the drug.  And to quote a patient ” in order to feel ‘normal’ I needed the drug to function.” Next thing you know a hard working, good person, mother of two is looking for the next best thing on the street just to feel “normal”. Heroin is cheaper than prescription drugs on the street so that is typically what they get.

How can we fix this destructive opiate epidemic ?

Start by ending the insanity with what we CAN fix.

When someone has a symptom, it is a sign that there is a problem.
Taking pain killers to fix the problem is not a rational solution.
It is legally creating addicts.

You can make a difference BEFORE  the insanity starts.
Introduce chiropractic care to someone who has been in pain.
It is safe and they won’t have to worry about side effects.

You can be part of the solution.
Be the change you want to see.

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