Chiropractic Can Help With Stress

“Never before has our community and society in general experienced so much chronic disease and STRESS related illness. All forms of STRESS are ‘Brain Stress’ causing what I have coined ‘ Pedal to the Metal Syndrome’ “. -Dr. Doug Fryday

stress and chiropracticOur body’s are under constant demand with high workloads at our jobs, financial responsibilities, debt, physical demands on our bodies,and repetitive motion.  This overwhelming feeling that covers our bodies is labeled as stress. Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain that results from very demanding or adverse circumstances. Nobody enjoys being stressed and if you experience too much of it, it can result in higher blood pressure, increased aging process, as well as a host of other problems.

One negative effect of chronic stress is muscle tension and contraction. Chronic stress leads to nerve irritation and chiropractic adjustments can help relieve much of this irritation.

By keeping your body optimized from the inside out, you have a better chance of managing both physical and emotional  stress.

If you are waiting for your back or neck to to hurt, don’t wait. It would be like waiting for a toothache to call your dentist.