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Women with Back Pain
Unless you have experienced back pain, it may be hard to imagine how difficult simple tasks like putting on your own socks can be! Without an experienced back doctor in Methuen, MA back pain can be one of the most painful, and annoying things that you can experience. It will interfere with your work, play, hobbies and attitude. By the time you actually feel  back pain, your body has exhausted everything in its power to give you relief.  It is a sign that something is wrong. Treating the pain and not the problem has been one of the key reasons why we are now in the worst opioid crisis we’ve ever witnessed in the US.

A recent article in the Journal of American Medical Association concluded that chiropractic care is the number 1 treatment for back pain. The conclusion was based on a study in the respected medical  journal “Spine”.  Half of the study group received standard medical care and the other half had chiropractic care from a professional back doctor.  Methuen residents, the proof is in the pudding – 73% of the pain was completely gone or better in the group receiving chiropractic care compared to 17% who didn’t receive chiropractic care.

If you are suffering with back pain and your doctor has not recommended chiropractic care, you can decide to go on your own. If your doctor doesn’t “believe ” in chiropractic, you can let them know that it’s okay not to believe because it is a science not a religion. The medical profession is now recommending chiropractic care as a drug-free, 100% natural approach to fixing the problem.  If your doctor is not aware of this study I can get them a copy.

If you need a recommendation for a back doctor in Methuen or you need a chiropractor that practices closer to you, please reach out to me directly. You can contact us here.

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