Blizzard 2015

Juno and you. This has nothing to do with Chiropractic- but it has everything to do with how you react to life’s circumstances.

I never thought I would utter the sentence ” I am so grateful that it is cold outside!”
Because of the cold, the snow is light and fluffy. Warmer temps means heavier snow. If the snow were heavier, there would be a good chance we would have lost power by now. And for those of you who know me, you know I can be a baby about being cold and I love my coffee in the morning!

So what do you do when you can’t really leave your house? I thought I would share with you a few things I am doing today.

1. Worked out. I am loving the Tabata method of working out which is a high intensity workout for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. You can download a Tabata timer app which helps with counting the 8 reps ( I always think I have done more than the I have so the timer keeps me on track! ) This morning I used a 20 lb kettle bell for the squat/ frontal raises , 3 sets of each as well as jump roping. Then core exercises still using the Tabata timer. Felt great to have all that done before I got side tracked!

2. I have not had the TV on. I know we have a ton of snow plus I have my Dad calling to let me know just exactly how much snow all the areas have gotten thus far throughout Mass and the islands.

3. I am deleting fuzzy pictures and duplicates !  In the process of cleaning out the photos, it was fun to go down memory lane and reflect on all my blessings.

4. Played Words with Friends. Great for the brain and a good chance to learn new words

5. I finalized hotel accommodations and negotiated the price! Don’t be afraid to ASK! If they are smart they would much rather you book with them directly rather than through Travelocity etc.

6. Making plans for Ali’s graduation in May. Wow, when your youngest is graduating from college, it is a big moment for everyone.

7. I watched some TED talks with Stephen Hawking.  After seeing the “Theory of Everything” this weekend I am so curious about him even if most of what he is saying is way over my head!

8. Chat with Fryday,my girls, my Dad, my brothers and sister.  Send messages to lots of friends and family and let them know I am thinking of them. Relationships take nurturing.  You get the love that you give.

9. Go through a mystery drawer ( aka junk drawer ! ) and make it less of a mystery.

10. PLAN a nap! Not just a power nap but a real, solid, nap.

Hope that gave you some ideas and insight.  We strengthen our bodies and minds when we rest. Go ahead and take a nap- this is doctor’s orders!