Custom Functional Orthotics !

Your feet are your foundation. If there are issues with asymmetry of your feet, fallen arches, excessive pronation or supination it can throw off the alignment of your knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Just like a faulty foundation in a home can give you problems with the roof, the same goes for your feet alignment.  I have a state of the art 3D laser scanner to find out the exact status of your feet.  You will be able to see the images in color on the laptop screen and get a printed report. If you choose to I can send your results to the company to build a custom orthotic based on your results. This takes all the guess work out of finding the right fit for you! Call my office 978-686-7791 to set up a complimentary scan.  This scanner is also portable and I am able to bring this to your company’s wellness initiative programs.

Mention in Eagle Tribune

the-art-of-being-healthySpreading my life lessons, experiences and knowledge with people is what drives me and makes me happy. Recently I blogged about the release of the book, “The Art of Being Healthy: Real Life Accounts of Children and Mothers Healing with Chiropractic” and my contribution.

It is to my great surprise that the Eagle -Tribune has shared my contribution to this book.

In light of the opiod epidemic especially hitting the Merrimack Valley, educating families about a drug-free and natural approach to health. The book shares personal accounts from myself and other chiropractors. It digs into situations where Chiropractic care has helped people when all other methods have failed.

My particular part in the book includes a real-life account from a young female patient who suffered with migraines.

I am thrilled to see news about the book spread to the Merrimack Valley and across North America.

100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Program spearheaded by Phil Lahey.

For more information about the book or my Chiropractic services, please feel free to give me a call at 978-686-7791.

Autism and Chiropractic

In the USA, Autism conservatively impacts 1/66 children.  Autism is a neurosensory disorder resulting in impaired social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication.
“Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood”.

Chiropractic is not a cure for Autism. Chiropractic helps improve brain and nerve function by locating and adjusting subluxations / misalignments within the spine which interfere with brain /body function.

A child diagnosed with Autism has enough challenges. Consider optimizing their potential by making sure the nervous system is working the best it can without interference in the spine. Parents with special needs children know better than anyone else that some improvement may seem small to some people but home runs for others.

Summer is a great time to have your child checked by a chiropractor.autism

Athletic Injuries & Chiropractic

Athletic injuries with chiropracticTom Brady, Michael Jordan & Jordan Spieth are all professional athletes that endorse chiropractic. That is not a bad list of athletes right there!

Athletes put enormous grueling physical strain on their bodies. Constant pounding and pressure  on the body with a mix of high impact collisions many times results in frequent injuries.

Every sports team has to endure some level of injury within their teams. It’s a part of the journey but it doesn’t mean that the recovery time can’t be improved.

Chiropractors specialize in treating injuries  as well as preventing injuries. Chiropractors work with an injured athlete to help restore mobility and relieve much of their pain with a drug free and natural approach.

Athletes under regular chiropractic care are able to recover quicker and get back to the game they love faster.

Whether you are a professional athlete, grade school athlete , collegiate student athlete or a weekend warrior, having a chiropractor on your team is a great first pick!

The Art of Being Healthy

I am very thankful to have been recognized and published in a new book called “The Art of Being Healthy”

Below is the press release about the book !

Methuen, MA, April 21 , 2016 – America has been facing a health crisis for many years. Though America makes up 5% of the world population; Americans consume more than 50% of the drugs prescribed worldwide. Yet,we rank 47% on the list of the healthiest countries according to The World Health Organization(W.H.O.). More and more research is showing the importance of recognizing that the human body has an innate capacity to heal when it is free of interference. The ART of Being Healthy-real life stories of children and mothers healing with chiropractic shares peoples’ experience with chiropractic,often when other methods have failed.

Co-Author, Dr. Deborah Fudge stated: “It is an honor to have been selected to contribute a true life healing story,with a group of internationally recognized doctors. It is my hope that when people read this book, they will see that there is renewed hope for their health and their children’s health. In light of the opiate epidemic,parents are looking for drug-free and natural approaches to health.”

Dr. Fudge has practiced in Methuen, MA. for 30 years serving families and patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.


Trusted Back Doctor In Methuen & Lawrence, MA

Women with Back Pain
Unless you have experienced back pain, it may be hard to imagine how difficult simple tasks like putting on your own socks can be! Without an experienced back doctor in Methuen, MA back pain can be one of the most painful, and annoying things that you can experience. It will interfere with your work, play, hobbies and attitude. By the time you actually feel  back pain, your body has exhausted everything in its power to give you relief.  It is a sign that something is wrong. Treating the pain and not the problem has been one of the key reasons why we are now in the worst opioid crisis we’ve ever witnessed in the US.

A recent article in the Journal of American Medical Association concluded that chiropractic care is the number 1 treatment for back pain. The conclusion was based on a study in the respected medical  journal “Spine”.  Half of the study group received standard medical care and the other half had chiropractic care from a professional back doctor.  Methuen residents, the proof is in the pudding – 73% of the pain was completely gone or better in the group receiving chiropractic care compared to 17% who didn’t receive chiropractic care.

If you are suffering with back pain and your doctor has not recommended chiropractic care, you can decide to go on your own. If your doctor doesn’t “believe ” in chiropractic, you can let them know that it’s okay not to believe because it is a science not a religion. The medical profession is now recommending chiropractic care as a drug-free, 100% natural approach to fixing the problem.  If your doctor is not aware of this study I can get them a copy.

If you need a recommendation for a back doctor in Methuen or you need a chiropractor that practices closer to you, please reach out to me directly. You can contact us here.

We were designed to be healthy. And when we’re not, it makes sense to find out why.

Chiropractic Can Help With Stress

“Never before has our community and society in general experienced so much chronic disease and STRESS related illness. All forms of STRESS are ‘Brain Stress’ causing what I have coined ‘ Pedal to the Metal Syndrome’ “. -Dr. Doug Fryday

stress and chiropracticOur body’s are under constant demand with high workloads at our jobs, financial responsibilities, debt, physical demands on our bodies,and repetitive motion.  This overwhelming feeling that covers our bodies is labeled as stress. Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain that results from very demanding or adverse circumstances. Nobody enjoys being stressed and if you experience too much of it, it can result in higher blood pressure, increased aging process, as well as a host of other problems.

One negative effect of chronic stress is muscle tension and contraction. Chronic stress leads to nerve irritation and chiropractic adjustments can help relieve much of this irritation.

By keeping your body optimized from the inside out, you have a better chance of managing both physical and emotional  stress.

If you are waiting for your back or neck to to hurt, don’t wait. It would be like waiting for a toothache to call your dentist.

Chiropractic and Ear Infections

chiropractor ear infectionHow many kids do you know who suffer from chronic ear infections? I have heard of children being prescribed “preventive antibiotics” all winter to avoid getting an ear infection.  Let’s be clear – if you are a parent with a child in serious pain all you want to do is to see them comfortable.

Why are children more prone to ear problems in the first place ? The eustachian tube in children is short and horizontal. It can be a gateway for fluid draining from the nose straight to the middle ear. Colds and allergies can lead to exceed fluid in the nose. In many cases it is the pressure from the fluid against the eardrum that is causing the pain. Statistics show that 70-80% of ear infections are not bacterial and would not benefit from an antibiotic.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidelines on how to diagnose and treat ear infections. Their focus is to avoid the over prescribing of antibiotics which can lead to resistant bacteria.

Couple this with the fact that the nervous system in children has not fully developed and you have a Perfect Storm for ear pain.

What can you do to help your child when they are suffering with ear pain?

Chiropractic care does not cure ear infections.  The healing takes place within the child’s own body.  Chiropractic care works to super charge the nervous system to restore normal function within the body. Many times there is a subluxation (misalignment of a vertebrae causing nerve interference ) in the upper cervical part of the spine. A chiropractor finds the subluxation and makes a specific, gentle adjustment to remove the interference.

Chiropractic may not technically “cure ” ear infections, however children under chiropractic care tend to not have as many or none.

The best place to start is with prevention.

As Benjamin Franklin said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Sounds like a good place to start!