sneeze into kleenexYou may be one of the 35-40 million Americans suffering from seasonal allergies. The Kleenex box is always within your reach. Between the stuffy nose, runny nose, coughing and sneezy it is a miracle if you can get through the day without antihistamines. And let’s not forget about trying to sleep! Many resort to a barrage of over the counter drugs to combat the symptoms but they do not treat the cause.

A strong immune system is still one of the best defenses against allergies, infections and the countless other diseases that we encounter on a daily basis.
This is because our immune system, when healthy, is designed to recognize and attack pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, and other allergens as they enter the body.

So what weakens our natural ability to fight off these pesky allergens?
Unfortunately, there are many forces that can weaken this innate ability, which include poor diet, lack of exercise and the prolonged exposure to stress and physical pain.

How does chiropractic fit in to this equation?
This is achieved through reducing stress on the nervous system. Chiropractic locates areas in the spine under higher stress due to misalignment of the vertebrae and pressure on the nerve. This is called a subluxation. Taking the pressure off the nerve allows the nervous system to communicate with the body.  This allows the immune system to function more efficiently. Recent research has demonstrated a distinct relationship between the nervous system and the immune system that entails the nervous system “tipping off’ white blood cells about the presence of all forms of bodily invaders.

And you thought all we did was “crack backs”!

Ramp up your immunity by ramping up your nervous system with a drug-free and natural approach.  The other alternative must be getting old by now.